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Philanthropy International

Philanthropy International is a next generation platform built by Deep Knowledge Philanthropy, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, burdened with the vision of deploying frontier technologies to efficiently maximize social impact and create social good.

Philanthropy International aims to promote a high degree of synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussions amongst a variety of Philanthropy Industry participants, stakeholders, charities, sponsors, non-profits, governments, volunteers, socially responsible companies, and impact investors.

Our mission is to make the Global Philanthropy Industry more efficient, transparent, accountable and socially impactful. This solution is targeted at organisations seeking the most sophisticated tools for comprehensive intelligence, precise mapping of regional challenges, smart matching of donors and volunteers to NGOs and nonprofits to meet corporate social goals and impact, and monitoring impact trends of NGOs in the charity sector.

Discover how Philanthropy International can deliver endless opportunities for:

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Philanthropy Ecosystem 
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Philanthropy Big Data Analytical System & Dashboard

Analytics for Social Good

​Deep Knowledge Group’s analytical subsidiaries have produced a number of special analytical case studies on industries focused on social good and humanitarian benefit, highlighting crucial work being done by Non-Profits, Governmental Organizations and NGOs. Its analytical subsidiaries also work actively with national and international policy organizations to help drive growth in innovation economy sectors.

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African Charity Dashboard

African Charity Dashboard is an interactive tool that aims to map, categorize, and rank market participants of the respective sectors by filtering them in geographical maps and Mindmaps with visualized analytics of associated global challenges. 

The Dashboard is also featuring profiles of organizations and donors/investors, and tools for matchmaking impact startups with investors, charity organizations - with donors, and charities - with impact startups, as well as with fincancial institutions, volunteers, and other partners.

For grantmakers, socially responsible business, philanthropists and changemakers, non-profit leaders, and local charities. 

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