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Swiss Longevity Valley as the Centre of the Longevity Development

In the future, the nations developing advanced technologies rapidly and those that need to implement Longevity Policy and Governance initiatives could become part of the Swiss Longevity Valley.

Switzerland is has many strong prospects to become the world’s first Longevity Valley. It is ideally suited to synergize advanced technologies and sophisticated financial bases, markets, entities and instruments.

London also has significant potentials and a vast financial base for accelerated Longevity Industry development. Meanwhile, Israel has a proficient technological base and strong geroscience and tech sectors.

Scope of Activities

  • Engagement with Swiss Longevity companies and financial corporations interested in the emerging markets of Longevity Medicine, AgeTech and Longevity WealthTech.

  • Engagements with broader international organizations such as World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, United Nations-related organizations, etc to optimize Longevity Policy.


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