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Proposal for Individuals and Organisations

  • A venture philanthropy investment of 100K Euro will allow interested parties to participate in all Deep Knowledge Group activities such as reports, conferences, webinars, and others, and to contribute to them. Our experts will assist partners with content creation for conferences, webinars, etc. This will lead to an increase in both personal and organisation brand recognition due to Deep Knowledge Group’s wide global presence.

  • Deep Knowledge Group is a strategic partner of several UK All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs), providing demonstrable expertise in DeepTech policy and government engagement, and providing partners with an effective way to engage and interact with government representatives, departments, ministries and stakeholders.

  • Deep Knowledge Group will guarantee full transparency in investments and donations through the establishment of a donations tracking and benchmarking platform based on blockchain that results in value maximization of each donation (investment). The goal of the initiative is to maximize the value of donations by ensuring that it is used transparently and for its intended purpose, and goes to groups with the most social impact.

  • Deep Knowledge Group experts and analytical subsidiaries will be responsible for finding the most impactful charity projects to make sure that donations are used in the most rational way and reach the people and the causes most in need.


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