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Diabetes Global Challenge Ecosystem

Diabetes, a pervasive and complex health challenge, transcends borders, impacting millions worldwide. As we take a global perspective on the landscape of diabetes, it becomes evident that addressing this multifaceted issue requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach. At Deep Knowledge Group we recognize the severity of this disease and possess the profound expertise necessary to cure and mitigate its consequences. 

Our primary goal is to halt the spread of this widespread condition and minimize its health implications. Thanks to DKG experience and analytics in this field,  in collaboration with advanced clinics and leading specialistd, we have unique capabilities to alleviate the burden of Diabetes. We actively invite investors and partners to collaborate with us in an advanced approach to addressing this urgent global issue. Together, we can influence the course of events and contribute to more effective management of this challenge in modern medicine.

Global Perspective

Diabetes has the profound impact on individuals, families, and societies worldwide. With an aging global population, Diabetes has emerged as a significant public health challenge, transcending borders and cultural contexts. More than 537 million people have been diagnosed with this condition. Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in the world. Understanding factors influencing Diabetes prevalence is crucial for effective prevention, diagnosis, and management.

Diabetes, both Type 1 and Type 2, exerts a significant burden on healthcare systems globally. The prevalence of diabetes has surged over the years, presenting a formidable challenge that demands collective attention and concerted efforts.

While diabetes affects individuals across the globe, there are notable geographical disparities. Regions with varying economic statuses face different challenges, from access to healthcare resources to the prevalence of risk factors contributing to diabetes.

Social determinants and lifestyle factors play a pivotal role in the global diabetes scenario. From urbanization and sedentary lifestyles to dietary patterns, understanding the contextual factors influencing diabetes prevalence is crucial for effective intervention.

A global perspective necessitates exploring innovative approaches to diabetes management. From advancements in digital health technologies to precision medicine tailored to individual needs, the global community is witnessing a paradigm shift in how diabetes is approached and treated.

Global health challenges, such as diabetes, require collaborative research initiatives that bring together diverse expertise. International partnerships foster knowledge exchange, enabling the development of context-specific interventions and treatments.

Percent of people with Diabetes

Technological innovations, including advanced treatments, telemedicine, wearable devices, and mobile health applications, have the potential to revolutionize diabetes management on a global scale. A comprehensive global perspective on diabetes brings forth the need for cohesive policies that address not only treatment but also prevention, education, and research.

In unraveling the complexities of diabetes on a global canvas, our collective responsibility becomes clear. By understanding the global nuances, fostering innovation, and promoting collaborative efforts, we pave the way for a healthier and diabetes-resilient world.

Diabetes Global Challenge Ecosystem

Diabetes & Lyme Disease:

Exploring Connections

On the surface, diabetes, a metabolic disorder characterized by impaired insulin function, and Lyme disease, a tick-borne infectious illness caused by the bacterium Borrelia, appear unrelated. However, recent studies and clinical observations show that there potential links and shared risk factors between the two conditions.

Certain risk factors, such as inflammation and immune system dysregulation, are implicated in both diabetes and Lyme disease. The intricate interplay between these factors may contribute to the development or exacerbation of Diabetes condition in the presence of Lyme Disease.

Lyme disease, known for its ability to evade the immune system and cause persistent infections, could potentially influence immune function in ways that impact metabolic health. Understanding these immunological dynamics is crucial in comprehending the potential connections.

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Diabetes Global GeoDashboard


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Solutions for Global Health Challenges 

The Lyme Pandemia with Diabetes, Autism and Alzheimer Diseases pose a significant challenge, with a growing pharmaceutical market each year. Despite this expansion, the issue persists, highlighting the complexity and difficulty in finding a comprehensive resolution to the problem. This group of diseases are not effectively addressed solely through standard treatments.


At DKG, we frequently encounter people facing challenges in managing their symptoms even after undergoing conventional therapy. Drawing on over a decade of analytical expertise, we have accumulated and explored advanced holistic methods to effectively impact on the spread of these problems in the World. 

Our proficiency in treating such diseases revolves around discerning the coinfections and other complicating factors associated with these  ailment. To tackle this distinct set of considerations our specialists employ personalized proprietary treatments that integrate cutting-edge and natural therapies related to Mitochondrial, Space, Restorative, Functional Medicine within the framework of Longevity Medicine.

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Diabetes Global Challenge Ecosystem Dashboard

The Diabetes Global Challenge Ecosystem Dashboard is a centralized hub designed to meet all the market and business intelligence needs of its users. It offers comprehensive support, encompassing benchmarking for companies, technologies, and thorough competitive and SWOT analysis for over 12000 clinics, 3300+ clinical trials, 3000+ investors, and 25,000+ data inputs within the Diabetes sector.

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Diabetes Market in Charts

Anticipated to undergo significant expansion, the global market for Diabetes Disease methods of treatment is poised to grow from USD 43.6 billion in 2022 to USD 57 billion in 2030, reflecting a robust Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 3.4%.

The upsurge in healthcare advancements, backed by substantial investments from major corporations and government institutions, underscores the increasing importance of precise diagnostics and refined treatment approaches in addressing the intricacies of Diabetes disease. 

Diabetes Diagnostics Market Size, $bn

Experiencing a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 8,6% during this period, the market for Diabetes disease diagnostic tools is on a robust trajectory. This growth is propelled by heightened awareness and reporting of Diabetes cases, advancements in diagnostic technologies, and sustained investments in research and development aimed at creating more precise and effective diagnostic tools.


Projections indicate a steady market expansion, with an anticipated rise from USD 31 billion in 2022 to USD 59 billion in 2030. This underscores the increasing demand for advanced diagnostic solutions in detecting Diabetes with a focus on early identification and enhanced condition management.

Diabetes Treatment Market Size, $bn

Diabetes Patient Logistic Pathway

Explore the comprehensive journey of Diabetes patients through the interactive Logistic Pathway. Each stage offers a concise overview, and by selecting individual stages, you can delve into detailed descriptions that provide insights into AI-driven diagnostic, treatment, and management processes tailored specifically to Diabetes. For more in-depth information about clinics, diagnostics, and treatments, use the Global Autism Dashboard.

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Diabetes Clinical Trials

The United States stands as the primary research center for Diabetes clinical trials, hosting over 30% of these studies.


More than 5% of clinical trials are launched in France. Canada, Taiwan, UK and China have similar number of clinical trials, each around 3%. Together, European countries make more than 18% of clinical trials. In total, more than 50 countries have participated in Diabetes clinical trials.

After 2017, the annual number of clinical trials more than doubled increasing to 134 studies per year. The jump in clinical trials after 2017 signals a rising awareness of Diabetes significance.

The most significant players in the market are Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), Stanford University (USA), National Taiwan University Hospital (Taiwan), Yale University (USA), University of California, Los Angeles (USA),  Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati (USA), National Institute of Mental Health (USA).

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