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Global Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem

Data Summary
Global Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem Industrial.png
Global Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem 2022
3 000+ Business with Purpose
2 000+ NGOs
2 000+ Charities

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Global Philanthropy Ecosystem

Investors With Purpose
Venture Philanthropy Funds
Value Banking
Social Investment Advisers
Social Investment Funds
Financial Services

Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem in Developing World

Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem in Developing World
Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem in Developing World.jpg
Impact Investors
Philanthropy Organizations
Non-Profits and NGOs
ngo (1).png

Interactive Sector Mindmaps

DeepTech For Social Good
DeepTech for Social Good Regional.png
FinTech for Social Good
FinTech for Social Good.png
Global Impact Investing 
Global Impact Investing Ecosystem Industrial.png
Non-Profits and NGOs
Mindmap NGOs.png

African Philanthropy Ecosystem

African Philanthropy Ecosystem
NGOs Operating
in Africa
NGOs Operating in Africa (1).png
Charity Projects
in Africa
NGOs in Africa Advanced Search (1).png
Charities in Africa
dashboard (1).png

Methodology and Approach:  The definitional criteria for inclusion used for the Global Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem platform is intentionally broad in order to promote a diversity of opinions regarding which activities are and are not encompassed by “Philanthropy Industry”. Often, the qualifying criteria associated with the term “Philanthropy and Impact Investing” will vary by region, sector, and occupational profession (e.g., scientists vs. entrepreneurs vs. investors vs. policy makers). In the Global Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem we highlight philanthropic organizations as well as corporations that make social impact investments. Those organizations that make philanthropic contributions refer to charities or NGOs. Companies, corporations and startups that create social impact are Businesses with the purpose.

While the core framework used for inclusion in the platform is provided by Deep Knowledge Philanthropy, in alignment with the Philanthropy Industry Framework the company has been using in its various analytical projects, special case studies, IT-Platforms and Big Data Analytical Dashboards, including Africa Charity Dashboard, the use of an expanded set of qualifying criteria have been used on a case-by-cases for specific industries, domains (e.g., Policy and Governance vs. Industry vs. Academia), and regions in accordance with what Deep Knowledge Philanthropy analysts and staff consider to be consensus.

Global Philanthropy and Impact Investing Ecosystem

AI Industry Analytics - Shedding Light On The Global AI Industry

The way we approach social change and impact is being revolutionized by AI. Learn to harness the power of these new frontier technologies (Big Data, AI, Blockchain) to address the diverse challenges in the global philanthropy sector, and beyond through our cutting-edge solution - AI Industry Analytics.

Philanthropy Leaders Database

The interactive database aggregates personalities having a significant impact on the development of the AI Industry. The database involves decision makers who are either involved in the development of advanced AI solutions, or are trusted visionaries who are making projections for the future of AI.  

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