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Philanthropy Platform

Tackling the existing problems
through the set of solutions
tailored to the needs of the Philanthropy Industry

Philanthropy Platform serves as an IT solution aiming to connect the charities, nonprofits, sponsors, and volunteers of the philanthropy industry. The primary goal of Philanthropy International is to effectively resolve the issue of transparency for both types of users. The unique approach is developed to eliminate the concerns of philanthropy industry players regarding the proper money allocations in the charity sector.

Benefits for Charity Organisations

  • Placing the charitable projects

  • Identification of best-fit donors

  • Transparent charity fundraising mechanism

  • Pooling the network of donors

Benefits for Charity Sponsors

  • Placing the proposals of charitable grants

  • Extending the network of partnering charities

  • Joining the promising charitable projects

  • Enhanced transparency for money allocation

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