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Our Partners

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Deep Knowledge Group is a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, media, philanthropy and more. ​ Its subsidiaries include Deep Knowledge Ventures, Longevity.Capital, AI-Pharma.Capital, Longevity FinTech Company, Deep Knowledge Analytics, Aging Analytics Agency, NeuroTech Analytics, Biogerontology Research Foundation, Longevity Swiss Foundation, AI-Longevity Consortium at King’s College London, and Longevity International UK - Secretariat for the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity.



Deep Pharma Intelligence (DPI) is a leading strategic and investment intelligence agency focused on the emerging markets in the Pharmaceutical, BioTech, and Healthcare Tech industries. DPI is producing regular analytical reports on major areas of high-potential in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, maintaining ratings of companies and governments based on their innovation potential and business activity in the BioTech space, and providing strategic consulting and investment intelligence services to top-tier clients, including major investment funds and banks, family offices, insurance companies, government organizations, and big pharma companies among others. 

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Deep Knowledge Analytics is the leading DeepTech-focused analytical agency, producing advanced analytical reports on DeepTech and frontier-technology industries using sophisticated multi-dimensional analytical frameworks and algorithmic methods that combine hundreds of specially-designed and specifically-weighted metrics and parameters to deliver sophisticated market intelligence, pragmatic forecasting and tangible industry benchmarking.


Ageing Research at King’s (ARK) is a cross-faculty multidisciplinary consortium of investigators which brings together scholarship and research in ageing in several complementary areas. ARK represents King’s world class excellence for research on the biology of ageing, from the basic mechanisms in biogerontology to clinical translation and the social impact of ageing.The primary purpose of ARK is to enhance multidisciplinary research collaborations within King’s to better understand the mechanisms of ageing and improving health-span. As ageing consists of complex systems at the level of biology, psychology and society, in order to understand the processes of ageing and the nature of old age itself, it is important to bring together learning and research from a number of key disciplines. ARK is uniquely positioned to address the challenges of an ageing world, and to provide answers at multiple levels, from cellular mechanisms to social sciences.


Professional Association of Robotics and Automation supports  Bulgaria’s growth on the CEE technology frontier through partnerships, knowledge and global best practices.


Funding Nav offers a holistic approach to fundraising for SME's. They are not accountants but a growing international team of experienced entrepreneurs with multi-industry track records. Funding Nav helps clients compete on even terms both for funding and for marketing and nowadays the two are often synonymous.


Stratgurus is one of the major global advocates of the Halal Industry, specialized in strategic matters across diversified industries with specialisation in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and emerging and rapidly growing halal industry. 

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Henley & Partners is the global leader in residence and citizenship by investment with a particular focus on facilitating the acquisition of second citizenships for private clients through investment. Each year, hundreds of wealthy individuals and their advisors rely on our expertise and experience in this area. The firm’s highly qualified professionals work together as one team in over 40 offices worldwide. The firm also runs a leading government advisory practice that has raised more than USD 10 billion in foreign direct investment. Trusted by governments, the firm has been involved in strategic consulting and in the design, set-up, and operation of the world’s most successful residence and citizenship programs.

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Innovation Eye Limited is a new company jointly founded in March 2019 by Big Innovation Centre Limited and Deep Knowledge Analytics Ltd. to provide sophisticated market analytics, industry intelligence, comparative industry classification frameworks and benchmark case studies, developing advanced tools for analysis and visualization of technology and innovation ecosystems through reports, custom-made consultancy products and services, and dynamic interactive online IT-platforms. The aim is to optimize the strategic agendas of international corporations and technocratic governments seeking to implement, stabilise and optimise their global positions in advanced technology-driven industries. An aim is in particular to support the implementation of the digital economy across the world, and support developing nations to leapfrog development.


Longevity International is a social enterprise bringing together start-ups, industry, academic and governmental stakeholders under one umbrella to provide a unified voice and coordinating vehicle for positive discourse and change to ensure the ‘longevity dividend’ is accessible to everyone.



Biogerontology Research Foundation is the UK’s charity focused on Longevity and on expediting the coming paradigm shift from disease treatment to personalized precision prevention. It was the main initial donor that provided financial and organisational support to Longevity International UK for the purpose of establishing the APPG for Longevity. It was also actively involved in the successful initiative of adding a new extension code for “ageing-related diseases” accepted in 2018 by the World Health Organization during the last revisions of its International Classification of Diseases framework.


Longevity.International is an online interactive database of longevity scientists, companies, and investors. This platform allows different stakeholders in the longevity industry to connect, network, research and analyze. On the next stage this platform will also employ cutting-edge data visualization software and a networking section where various stakeholders within the longevity industry can connect and collaborate, where longevity companies are matched with the right investors, and where scientists can make contributions.

23423.jpg is a common platform for the Data Scientists/AI professionals to share their experiences, codes, hackathons.


Global AI Hub is a Swiss based leading global AI community where AI talent meets opportunities for everyone with interest in AI.

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INTELLIGENT INCENTIVES LTD is providing services and tools, as well as consulting and analytics in Digital Transformation for government authorities and companies in Saudi Arabia.

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Berlin Love Vietnam is a consulting agency for export and import which use data to analyse the efficiency of branding for local entities to enter the global market. BLV connect with his Buyer-Matching-Seller-Program the request of a Buyer with the proposal of a Producer, helping them thought legal hurdle to finalise contracts, quality standards and international certification. Berlin Love Vietnam is investing in sustainable businesses like Bleaf, BambooVision, BioBioStraws.

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